What is cold air diffusion?

Cold air diffusion technology is a method of dispersing scents or essential oils into the air without using heat. It is commonly used in high end aromatherapy, home fragrance systems, and commercial environments to create pleasant and consistent scent experiences. This technology is designed to preserve the integrity of fragrances and essential oils, as heat can sometimes alter or degrade their terpene or natural composition and used by world renowned five star hotels, casinos, spa’s, and retail outlets with studies showing up to a 300% increase in sales after implementing a scent marketing strategy.


Nebulized oils are released into the air in the form of a fine nano dry mist or vapor. Since no heat is involved, the oils remain at room temperature or slightly cooler. A fan or central air circulation system helps distribute the scent evenly throughout the space, ensuring a consistent and long-lasting aroma. Zero residue, safe for upholstery, artwork, animals, and you.

Hotel, Casino, & Spa Style whole home & business scenting coverage.

Bring the same technology used in 5 star hotels, spas, casinos, big brand retail outlets to your space.

Blossom HVAC

120ML Oil Capacity | 1200SQF Coverage


800ML Oil Capacity | 2400SQF Coverage


2 Litre Oil Capacity | 6500SQF Coverage


4 Litre Oil Capacity | 25K SQF Coverage


Upgrade your home with full home coverage cold air diffusion technology.

Turn your residential or commercial space into a five star hotel with our luxury full home coverage scent diffusers that install directly onto your homes central HVAC System.

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Luxury Hotel Aroma Diffusers for Home & Business

Upgrade your home or business today to smell like a 5 star spa, casino, or hotel using the latest in cold air diffusion technology, Japanese Designed & Premium Essential Oils.

The Fusion of Biology and Nano Technology.

We use the latest in advanced nano technology to formulate and blend our essential aroma oils using solfeggio frequencies channeling positive energy into every bottle.

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What is the benefit of upgrading your Central
Air HVAC system with a Cold Air Diffuser?

Adjustable scent intensity and scent duration release, making it suitable for various environments and preferences. Our systems are relatively low-maintenance, requiring little more than periodic refilling of essential oils. 


2400 SQF+

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Blossom Cold Air Diffuser Mounts directly onto central HVAC system providing entire home or office aroma scenting. System can be programmed for auto on/off for each day of the week.

25,000 SQF+


Sumo Cold Air Diffuser Mounts directly onto central HVAC system providing entire home or office aroma scenting. System can be programmed for dual scents with auto on/off for each day of the week.

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